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Creating your personal static blog with jekyll

By the end of this tutorial, you will have your own personal blog :tada: Created by static site generator Hosted for free on netlify Custom domain like Secured by HTTPS by Let’s Encrypt Tools used in this tutorial jekyll rbenv (for managing ruby environment) a text editor (Sublime Text or vscode) (optional) a domain of your own, purchased separately from sites like GoDaddy Environment setup Since the static site generator used here jekyll is written in Ruby, we will need install a Ruby development.

解决Cubase在Retina Mackbook Pro下运行无响应的办法

本方案在 Cubase 6 AI 13寸Retina Macbook Pro 2013款 下成功解决无响应问题 升级到Retina MBP之后发现Cubase不能用,打开后鼠标点击么没有反应,好不容易进入程序也什么都做不了。Google一下发现R屏太清晰,Cubase还不支持。官方给出了一个解决办法。 翻译如下: Quit the application if it is currently open 退出当前打开的程序 In the Finder, choose “Applications” from the “Go menu” 到Application文件夹里面找到Cubase In the applications folder, select the application’s icon and press Command+I to open the information window 右键属性(或者Cmd+I) Check “Open in Low Resolution” to enable the low resolution mode. 选中 “在低分辨率下运行” Close the window and double click the application to reopen it.